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Project Records V2010 and Above

The field order is specified below, for users using a spreadsheet to prepare data we have also included column letters.

Field   Description Notes
1 A Reference A code of up to twelve characters to uniquely identify this project. Alphanumeric no spaces
2 B Name  
3 C Status ID An integer between 1 and 5 for one of the five standard Status ID codes: 1=ACTIVE, 2=SNAG, 3=COMPLETED, 4=SUSPEND,5-INITIAL
If you leave the StatusID field blank, the record is imported and its status is marked Active
4 D Start Date  
5 E End Date  
6 F Description  
7 G Customer Reference Valid existing customer account reference
8 H Order Number  
9 I Street1  
10 J Street2  
11 K Town  
12 L County  
13 M Post Code  
14 N Contact  
15 O Telephone  
16 P Fax  
17 Q Email  
18 R Country Code A two - character text entry, representing country. (ISO Code)
19 S Analysis 1  
20 T Analysis 2  
21 U Analysis 3  
22 V Price Quoted  

Refer to our field information table for the actual limitations of data values for these fields

Our Custom integration and import solution will allow you to have fields in any order and extract them from formats other than CSV eg: mailing labels printed to disk you can also import all the other fields associated with customers such as price lists.

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