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Sage Line 50 Custom integration & import solution

Our Sage integration / import solution is an importing tool combined with a flexible data acquisition tool.  We can use it to import data from a wide variety of sources, it can also be used as a straight forward (but VERY advanced) data import tool for Sage Line 50.

Our solution is not part of the standard Sage product it is a combination of a third party extension and a customisation written specifically for you.

There are a series of processes that the solution runs through, initially it gets the Data, it can scan a directory for multiple files, get the user to point it to a specific file, get data out of emails, of ftp servers, of web pages, from spread sheets, out of any ODBC complaint database and out of Sage 50 itself.

The next part is to extract the data, the data could be embedded in the file in any format, XML,CSV,PDF, or plain text, the extraction tools allow us to look for pointers to identify key parts for the structure, this means we can take a file created on a mainframe that contains, plain text invoices that might originally have been intended as print output and decode them back into the data we need to enter into Sage 50. 

Once we have the raw data we can then transform it, we can reformat it, change USA format dates to UK dates, we can lookup information externally, for example, we can have a translation table to convert account codes from one system to another. As part of the import process.

Now we run the import, as with the sage import this is a 2 pass process, we run the data first to check everything is okay and then we run it a second time to actually import the data.

Once imported we can than move the file into an archive in order to create an archive, we can create a list of transaction id's created to feed back and a human readable report

We can then email the report, or pass the results details to another application or pop the result up for the user.

There is no need to log out of Sage to do our import, the process can be run from the command line, and returns an error level so is ideal for application developers and in house system as you can run the entire operation via a shell call from your application, or even via a macro from a spreadsheet or database.

With our solution you can import data into all of the available fields in Customer, Supplier, Products, Projects and Nominal ledgers.  

It also allows you to import additional information in transactions for the audit trail and stock.

In addition to allowing to to import into previously unavailable fields it allows you to import in the previously impossible areas.

Price Lists
Customer Price Lists
Supplier Price Lists
Sales Order
Purchase Orders
Order Status can be set

Status can be set on Invoices, so you can do things such as put an invoice in the invoice module with the status already set as posted and post the invoice into the customer module removing the need to update invoices into the ledgers.

Every item that is exposed int he Sage SDK is available for import, this includes obscure items such as the Company table.

The solution can be run through a graphical interface or can be run almost invisibly from the command line, enabling you to run the program from a macro in an excel spread sheet or any programming language or batch file.  Return codes and additional parameters feedback if there is a problem and can control how invisible the process is (if you import one invoice then you might want it to be completely invisible, if you are importing 200 then you will want the user to have some feedback and know how things are progressing).

For more information on our custom integration and import solution please contact us.


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