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Existing applications - Integrations

We already have implemented a lot of applications.

These are examples of the breadth and range of work we have done.

What we do is to provide a solution to suit your needs.

You can buy and use the integration tools for yourself, however, there is a steep learning curve and it may take considerable time to learn to use them effectively.

The vast majority of our customers get us to write the integration scripts for them. 

Because we use a scripting language to define the actions, our scripts should work with all future versions of Sage 50.  When you upgrade, you only need to update the standard tool, nothing else. This makes our job of supporting our customers a lot easier, it also makes our tool ideal for other application developers to use, they don't need to make lots of link tools for every version of Sage 50 or invest in expensive understanding and development tools for Sage 50.  We take care of all that.

We are working with several developers who deploy our solution as part of their own, frequently the existence of our code is invisible to end users, who just get and application that works.  We have special developer pricing that makes for a cost effective and rapid integration of their products with the most popular accounting system in the UK.  For the cost of the developer tools alone we can provide several integrations with minimal investment of development time with no need to maintain code of have different methods for different version of Sage 50, the application interface and custom code is the same, not just for all past versions, but all future versions as well.

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