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We have developed several back to back and automated ordering systems for Sage Line 50 

These standard applications can be altered to suit your needs.

Automated Ordering

This system is very simple, it looks at the stock requirement needed to fulfil all the outstanding Sales orders and to raise stock levels to their minimum level.

It can generate a report (in csv format) of all the items that are above or below the minimum level.

It can generate purchase orders to acquire all the goods needed to reach the minimum stock levels and satisfy all the outstanding sales orders.

Back To Back Ordering (one SOP to many POP delivery to customer)

This application creates purchase orders to fulfil sales orders, each sales order will generate one or more purchase orders, each purchase order will have the customers address as the delivery address for the goods.

This is used by companies acting as agents where their suppliers fulfil directly to the customer. (we have done variants where certain lines are despatch from stock)

Back to Back Ordering (Consolidated)

This application creates one purchase order to each supplier for all the products needed to supply the requirements on SOP.  

Enhancements to above.

We have several variants, a useful option is to have the purchase order number written back onto the sales order so you know which order those goods are on, also we can do the reverse and write the sales order details onto each item in the purchase order.

All these use standard Line 50 Sales Order Module and Purchase Order Processing Module.  

The Sales Orders can be entered manually, imported from the website or entered via EDI before processing.  

Purchase orders once created in Line 50 can be sent via EDI, Email Fax or Mail.



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