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There a re a series of tools available to recode customers, suppliers and products in Sage Line 50.

Deleting deleted transactions

You know those pesky future dated deleted transactions in Sage Line 50 that hang around year after year.  Well they don't have to.  We have a tool to re-date those deleted transactions back to a time long long ago so you can run the clear audit trail and get rid of them.

Invoices posted or not

Once posted, invoices can not be changed or posted a second time, we made a tool to change the flag so we could edit and repost a large batch of invoices back into Sage Line 50.

Un Bank Reconciling!

Our client had their bank accounts reconciled at one point, but a new member of staff had "messed things up and they wanted to remove the bank reconciled flags from all items reconciled after a specific date where things were fine. we wrote a tool to do this using out integration tool to export and then re-import data.

Order Based Invoices

We change the flag on a range of invoices to make them appear as if they had been generated by Sales Order processing, thereby stopping them from updating the stock system when posted tot he ledgers.

Clear BOMs

The utility removes all items from bills of Materials on all products in Sage Line 50.

Redate Stock Transactions (Delete individual products with histories)

This is a lot more useful than it sounds. You know all those old product codes you have that you would love to get rid of.  But Sage Line 50 will not let you get rid of them until you delete the stock history, but you want to keep the stock history of other products so you are caught between a rock and a hard place.  Well not anymore. Now you can re-date all those transactions back to say 1970, then clear the stock history till 1971 and hey presto, no history on that record, all the rest still there and you can now delete it!


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