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Sage 50 Import from CSV XLS XML or anything!

This Sage 50 Import site contains everything you need to know about importing Data into Sage 50 be that from csv, excel, odbc data sources or another application all together.

Not just the basics, but the detail of why things don't always work and how to fix things when an import goes wrong. We cover the undocumented "features" of Sage 50 import.

Data import into Sage 50 is not complicated or difficult, but computers are fussy, they need things done just right so you need to understand the issues and how to avoid them.

You can import just about everything into Sage, some need additional 3rd party import tools to handle obscure structure and import into the back corners of sage but simple imports in csv and now xls formats are available in the product

There are 3 main importing sections covered in this web site.

Standard old style Sage CSV importing between Version 7 and Version 2010 (V16)

Standard modern style Sage CSV and XLS importing in Version 2011 (V17) and later

Advanced importing into Sage 50 using ImportPlus 

The first step is to see which tool you should be using by following our wizard.

In addition we have some background information on different formats for importing from with detailed information on the csv format, the problems created when using this format with spreadsheets such as Excel.

Sage 50 is the most popular SME accounting system in the UK, having integration to Sage 50 is a major commercial advantage not just for people with in house systems, but also for users of third party products and their developers and resellers. We offer a specialist Sage 50 integration service using ImportPlus, we can help people not familiar with Sage 50 get the right data out of their systems and into Sage 50. We have methodologies and years of experience, we know the pitfalls of Sage 50, we know the Sage 50 data structures and we know the users.   As such we can help developers integrate to Sage 50 with the minimum draw on their resources.  We develop rapidly and can produce simple solutions in hours. Our web deployment of code and revisions make it easy and quick to make adjustments and revisions almost instantly.  If you are serious about linking an application to Sage then speak to us about our Sage 50 integration service because we can save you time and money. 


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