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Sage 50 Import of CSV Data 

If you are using Sage 50 V2007 aka V17 or later, the importing routine has changed dramatically, you are no longer restricted to just using CSV format, nor are the field layouts are rigid.  See our guide here for later versions of Sage 50.

The CSV format itself also places restrictions, you can not use " or , in any fields unless you properly delimit them.  

There are also problems using Spreadsheets such as Excel with CSV data due to conversion problems

With the advent of V2011, there are a couple of changes, first you can now use XLS format, this gets rid of a lot of the problems of Excel and CSV files, however, if your data source is CSV you still need to be careful.  The other change is that the columns no longer have to be in a fixed order, you can now choose any order you like and save a template for that format. This actually makes the process not so easy to do on a day to day basis as you now have extra steps to go through to select the template, if you do regular importing then investing is a 3rd party tool is going to help smooth the process a lot, see advanced importing below.

Note than only some fields can be imported and only into some tables, so this import not a perfect solution, although it will save a lot of work.

See here for details of the fields that can be imported in Sage 50 routines and here for the fields for a Custom Solution (together with field size limits)

For Sage V2010 (V16) and earlier click here for further instructions

For Sage V2011 (V17) and later click here for further instructions


More Advanced Importing and Integrating with Line 50

Advanced custom import/integration features:-

Import from command line
Import whilst users are still logged in
Import into other modules including 
Sales Order Processing
Purchase Order Processing
Price Lists.
Import Receipts and Payments (and allocate!)
More extensive import, import just about every field there is in every module.
Import from anything, import using existing formatted reports saved to disk, no need for CSV formats, xml, psv just about anything.
Scripting commands, we can collect data form ftp, server, web pages, email and process it into sage.
Export Data from Sage.
If you need to do advanced importing, then you need to use a 3rd party tool to find out how we can help you do advanced import including linking existing and bespoke applications with Line 50 get in touch.

Click here for more information.

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