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Import Problems

There are lots of potential problems when importing, you need to approach the de-bugging of your import in a systematic way.

As you find an error, check all the rest of the records for the same error.  If you are using a spreadsheet to prepare your data simply go to the row with the same line number as reported in the import procedure, and then go across the the appropriate column for the field error and see what is different.

Work methodically, one error at a time until you find them all and the import works.

Please make use of our online support desk and forums if you have problems.

Common problems:

Blank lines at the end of the file

References to supplier/customer or nominal accounts that do not exist or have not been imported first

Illegal characters in account references

Dates invalid because excel has converted them, if you open a csv file excel automatically converts dates and zero filled numbers. To avoid this rename the file to have a different file extension, when you open it the excel import will allow you to set the columns as being text rather than general and so stop it from converting.

System hangs - normally caused because the file you are importing is still open, make sure you close the file in excel.

If you have something else let us know!

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