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Sage 50 Import of CSV Data 

The Sage 50 import process (V2011 (V17) and later) for earlier see here

1/ Make sure that the CSV data is valid and complies with the rules

2/ Run the Import process in Sage 50, this is a two part process,

Log in as Manager (or your user ID if you have access rights to import)
Go to File Menu and select the Import option to start the import wizard

Click Next

Highlight the type of record you are importing
Click Next

Select the type of file, xls or csv
tick the box "First row contains headings" if you want to skip the first line of the import
Navigate in the browsing window to your import file and select open.

For each importable sage field, select the Imported field that matches it from your data file.
Once you have made your map you can save it with the Save map button and re-use it next time by using the load map button
The process in this new version is a bit more long winded and a bit more flexible, if you want a quick and easy solution take a look at our Custom solution
Click Next and then Finish to start the import.

Sage runs a test the first time and if everything is okay it does a second pass, during which it import all the data into sage 50.  The process is ALL or NOTHING, if it fails on one record all the records will fail to import.

3/ Fix any problems highlighted by the import.  It is quite possible that you have missed something even though you were really careful with your data preparation, so be prepared to go back fix mistakes and run step 2 again.


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